Heart, Soul and Language – Knows No Boundaries

Organization: The Ózd Foundation for the Tábla School

Project Title: Heart, Soul and Language – Knows No Boundaries

Project No.: Hu/02/131-R

Project Term: 25th – 26th October, 2002

The Foundation aims to:

  • Promoting education and teaching
  • Support talented students
  • Catch up the disadvantaged students
  • Dissemination of information
  • Child and youth advocacy
  • Recognition the outstanding achievements of the students and teachers

Background of the project

With support from the Carpathian Foundation’s RomaNet Program, they organized the ’Carpathian Friendship House’ and other poetic and musical programs to further their aims. The foundation organized a two-day event for inhabitants of various ethnic minorities from its twin towns and from within and without the Hungarian borders to celebrate the town, its culture and relations.

Activities: This two-day event included the following programs:

  • Sightseeing for guests to Ózd
  • The Romany Minority’s Child and Adult Poetry and Recital Meeting
  • International Romany Dance, Poetry Recital and Music Festival
  • Carpathian Friendship House
  • Gala Performance