Romas in the 3rd Millennium

Organization: Kárpátia 2000

Project Title: Romas in the 3rd Millennium

Project No.: HU/03/092

Project Period: 23.10. 2003 – 01.09. 2004.

Background of the Project

The association was founded in 1999. Its membership consists of teachers, ethnographers, folk artists (dancers, musicians and handicrafts people). They all share the common intention of preserving the cultural heritage of the Carpathian region regardless of ethnicity or religion. They have been engaged in sociological field research in the region and across the border. They also provided special training programs for socially disadvantaged youth, mainly Romas.


  • Engage Roma youth in learning about their cultural heritage, tradition, handicrafts and traditional trades.
  • Help Romas in finding employment through capacity building and learning.


Organize a special extension program for young Romas, which would take the form of afternoon voluntary classes in which they would be involved in arts activities (handicrafts, singing, dancing), and also educational sessions (lectures by guest speakers on topics as history, cultural heritage, Roma language).

Invited guests include Tuza Tibor, Forray R. Katalin, Dr. Arany Erzsébet, Karsai Ervin.