Wandering School of Glinda in 2005.

Organization: Amaro Trajo Cultural Foundation of Romas

Title of the project: Wandering School of Glinda in 2005.

Project no: HU/04/010

Project Term: 01.03.2004 – 30.06.2004.

Presentation of the organization: Amaro Trajo Cultural Foundation was established in 1999. They are experienced in implementing Roma cultural folklore events (12 Roma music concerts) furthermore, they organizing contemporary Roma art events (exhibitions of Roma painters, photographers) in Mátészalka and its surroundings.

They are involved in storing and achieving of any kind of documentation regarding Roma cultural heritage, which extremely important for Roma youth. The organization is cultivating the Roma language taking open course for motivated Roma people.

At the same time they developing their own magazine so called Glinda, which is a quarterly distributed cultural-educational material for Roma and non-Roma youth, mainly for elementary school students.

See more: www.glinda.hu

The project objectives are to: maintain and continue the Wandering School of Glinda, which is a group of Roma teachers wandering around the region, visiting the interested schools in Ukraine and Hungary, in order to help Roma youth to have an overview on a never sighted world and find their own picture of future. Besides the wandering school create the possibility of disadvantaged students to have a chance to break out from their own surroundings and capable them to create an own future.


Organize courses:

  • to the target groups: schools of remote small villages and strictly Roma populated settlements in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar counties in Hungary, and Beregovo in Ukraine;
  • with the same activities: professional handicrafts like goldsmith’s craft, model making, pearl tacking, board games and other communal programs.