„It’s only worth doing together”

Organization: Association of Roma Leaders, Bagamér Branch

Project Title: „It’s only worth doing together”

Project No: HU/03/063

Background of the project

The association works in the following fields: family counseling, advocacy, legal consulting, juvenile crime, prevention, education, social services to underprivileged people, employment counseling etc. The applicant has running programs in these fields since 1993.

The main partner in the proposed project is Ruhama Foundation from Romania.


Promote the establishment of effective NGOs in Romania (Bihor County) that can handle the needs of the economically and socially disadvantaged area by serving as bridges between local governments and minorities.


Establish a cross-border (Romanian-Hungarian9 network of NGOs with a focus on socially disadvantaged and underprivileged people. Organize good practice visits to Hungary, training for selected individuals to become staff and management of NGOs to be created. Creation of NGOs and counseling NGO activities.