Roma Community House in Jászapáti

Organization: Cultural Association of Roma Youth

Project No: HU/03/031

Project Term: 1 May 2003 – 30 April 2004

Background of the Project

The association has been actively involved in the Roma civil life of Jászapáti. They offer programs to senior inhabitants and keep in touch with disabled people. In every April they organize the Roma Youth Conference to promote different forms of education among young Roma’s. They organize camps for Roma and non-Roma children every June and September. They also offer different programs around Christmas for the young and older.


  • To foster the social adaptation of Roma youth.
  • To fortify the identity of Roma youth.
  • To educate Roma youth about a self-supporting lifestyle.
  • To enhance the self-esteem of Roma youth.


To operate a Roma Community House, whose meetings would be held on a weekly basis on Friday afternoons. These occasions would be used to promote and teach about the Roma cultural heritage and history, educate youth about healthy lifestyle. The Roma Community House is planned to host an art circle (offering painting and drawing opportunities), a music circle (with the participation of local musicians) and a traditional dance circle. Furthermore, they plan to start a Roma Mother Club, where mother could learn about caring their babies and raising children.