The Project

RomaNet Program – community based capacity building

 The RomaNet – community based capacity building (HUSK/1101/1.5.1-0104) project is implemented by the Carpathian Foundation – Hungary and its partner, the ETP Slovensko with the support of the Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Programme ( com).

The overall goal of the project is to empower Roma and pro-Roma NGOs operating in the Hungarian-Slovakian border region to effectively assess the needs and act in order to improve the quality of life of their communities by absorbing funds, managing projects and establishing effective cross-sectoral partnerships on local and regional level.

The duration of the project: 1st October, 2012 – 30th September, 2013

 The main objectives of the project are:

To improve the skills and organizational capacities of representatives of 10 Slovakian and Hungarian Roma or pro-Roma NGOs by providing them practice-oriented training based on the method of learning by doing in the following topics: needs assessment, community-mobilizing, community development, project idea development, proposal writing, and project implementation.

  • Practical training is provided in project planning, implementation, needs assessment, community mobilization and partnership development topics.
  • A concrete community event is planned, organized and evaluated by the participants in order to deepen their theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • During 4 month (4 events) the participants are prepared to design and implement one small scale project, preferably community events on their settlements.
  • Technical assistance is provided for the participants with the expected outcome that by the end of the project each NGO submit a proposal.
  • The participants together plan and organize the Project final conference and festival.
  • Publication is prepared summarizing the results of the project and the participated NGOs in 4 languages (HU, SK, ENG, and Romani).



Planned date

Planned venue

Training for the Hungarian and Slovakian participants November-December, 2012
(1 day)
Eger, Kosice
Training in Hungary with the Slovakian participants + study trip middle of December, 2012
(1,5 days)
Eger and its surroundings
Training for the Hungarian and Slovakian participants middle of January, 2013
(1 day)
Eger, Kosice
Training in Slovakia with the Hungarian participants + short study trip 24-25 January, 2013
(1,5 days)
The 5-5 Slovakian and Hungarian participants visit each others local community events and once across the borders February-June, 2013.
(approx. 1 day/month)


2 workshops – exchange experiences July, 2013.
(2x 1,5 days)
1. Eger
2. Kosice
Common closing event and conference – organized by the participants of the programme August, 2013
(2 days)
To Be Determined