2009-2011 RomaNet Érdekképviseleti Hálózat – Fórumsorozat

During the joint work it has been a recurring problem that the talented proactive Roma young people were excluded from Roma civil life and continuity of actions between the generations was missing. A program, for young people was established in 2009 to rectify this problem. The program was called “Zhas amenge!’ Or in English “Let’s Go!”

First, in 2009/2010, the participants during 20 ses­sions in seven settlements in four counties developed skills necessary for non-government organizations. Among these skills taught were communitiny organis­ing, interest representation, and putting interest into action. A professional co-operation network organising process was also started. The 2010/2011 period, ending in May 2011, had as its major success, the completion of a sociographic manual, jointly produced which de­scribed the settlements, residential environment, and settlement communities of the participants.